Saturday, January 19, 2019





.......ABC STAKEHOLDERS.......



Direct stakeholders include:

  • Licensees/tenants who hire/rent space at the ABC building
  • Clients using the in-house experts
  • Attendees of training courses, lectures and seminars
  • Attendees of investment and business opportunity events
  • Participants in ‘Business Outreach’ activities
  • Organisations that commission/fund workshops and other business events
  • Other clients, funders and sponsors



Indirect stakeholders in Sierra Leone include:

  • Businesses and contractors who are major suppliers to ABC’s core clients
  • Government departments and agencies such as Ministries of Finance, Trade and Industry, Employment & Social Security, Inland Revenue (Tax Office), SLIEPA etc
  • Agencies that fund Business Development Support (BDS) and Private Sector Development (PSD) programmes such as IFC, UNDP, SEDF, UNDP etc
  • Business membership organisations and trade associations including Chamber of Commerce and SLIBA
  • Universities, colleges, schools and youth organisations (public and private)
  • TV and radio channels, internet sites, magazines and newspapers
  • NGOs such as COOPI, VSO, YMCA, ENCISS etc