Saturday, January 19, 2019

AFFORD Business Centre (ABC)

AFFORD Business Centre (ABC)

in the heart of Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown


Who are ABC's target customers?


Investors, entrepreneurs, other business centres, partners for business centre development in Africa or anyone interested in Sierra Leone being "open for

What are the aims of ABC-Freetown?
To provide and support you with the environment to develop and enhance your:

  • Entrepreneurial attitude of and in Sierra Leone
  • Job creation and retention skills
  • Business networks with opportunities
  • Business investment skills via financial products
  • Customer service, retention and satistaction skill



What do you get?

Innovative and new boutique style business centre in the heart of Freetown with impact themes focusing on:

  • Growth
  • Diaspora Investment
  • New Jobs


Achievement of change in how Small to Medium Enterprise's (SME) are run in Sierra Leone through access to ABC Support Packages. We aim for growth within 18 months via increased turnover and or increase in number of paid employees.

Diaspora Investment
Fifty new and existing entrepreneur investments to the value of £1m into Sierra Leone within three years.

New Jobs
To create three hundred and fifty well paid and sustainable jobs within three years. Enhanced impact measurement and reporting by independent external evaluations of the general develpment of the SME sectore in Sierra Leone will be available periodically throughout the project.

How can you get involved?
Start your next opportunity with ABC-Freetown. You will need a minimun investment of £20,000, a solid business idea and or exising business to oprerate in Sierra Leone.

What does ABCFreetown offer?
A one stop boutique business centre and hub for new and existing business returners to Sierra Leone by providing them accss to modern, WIFI enabled and spacious office space with:

ABC support packages

  • Finance and accounting services
  • ICT specialists and trainers
  • Legal and personnel specialists
  • Workshops and Lectures
  • Bespoke and specialist events
in the heart of Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown